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Be Bold, Be Different, Blend-in

Comparing Humphrey Yogart to ordinary frozen yogurt is like comparing fresh-squeezed orange juice to Tang. Instead of soft-serve machines which allow for a limited number of flavors on any given day, Humphrey Yogart uses blending machines to blend its premium vanilla (sweet or tart) or chocolate frozen Yogart with each customer's choice of over 30 fruits, nuts, candies, cookies, spices and other blend-ins for an individually created flavor. For those with dietary restrictions Humphrey's offers a non dairy vegan soy base along with four daily low carb/sugar free flavors.

Ordinary frozen yogurt is flavored with cooked fruits or artificial flavorings; Humphrey Yogart is individually flavored with fresh frozen fruits and real ingredients, preserving the natural taste and color. Ordinary frozen yogurt is whipped with air to give it volume; Humphrey Yogart blends in real foods to create a custom flavor.

Humphrey's specially formulated hard-pack vanilla Yogart is non-fat, contains only 16 calories per ounce, meets the most rigid standard for titratible acidity and fat content, and has a creamy texture which is unsurpassed in the marketplace. You can have all of this with only 16 calories per ounce.

Be Bold, Be Different, Blend-in.

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Low Carb Heaven

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Humphrey Yogart is not just a frozen yogurt store, it is also one of your best resources for low carb foods and other diet groceries. Humphrey's Low Carb Heaven prides itself in providing one of the widest selections of low carb & diet foods in the Los Angeles area and beyond. We have been in the diet business for almost 30 years so we know what tastes good and what works. Our selection of low carb and sugar free foods is second to none.

Come in and you will be overwhelmed with a dazzling array of low carb breads, muffins, pizzas, crackers, cookies, salad dressings, sauces, candies, flavoring syrups, brownies, bars, jello, puddings, soups, ice creams and, of course, four flavors of low carb frozen yogurt each day.

We carry all of the popular brands such as Walden Farms, Julien bread, Atkins, Baja Bobs, Thin Slim, Healthwise, Proti, Judy's Candies, Carb Krunchers, Universal Carbrite, Healthsmart Foods, Fiber Gourmet, Golden Star, Nature's Hollow, Dreamfields Pasta, Quest, and Arctic Zero, to mention a few. So if you would like to lose a few pounds without giving up all of your favorite foods or you are diabetic or you are just looking for some healthy alternatives in order to live a long and healthy life, come on in to check out our selection of great diet foods.


Situated in a shopping plaza on Van Nuys Boulevard, Humphrey has developed a loyal following of customers who crowd the little shop with the quirky name for its espresso drinks, panini, salads and frozen yogurt.

Although Humphrey's sells traditional ice cream and soft-serve frozen yogurt, its most popular item is its hard-packed nonfat yogurt, which is scooped just like ice cream. Customers choose from four yogurts – vanilla, chocolate, tart and soy – and then pick from 45 “blend-ins,” including fresh fruit, candy, cookies and nuts, which are swirled into the yogurt in a blending machine.

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4520 Van Nuys Blvd

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